Adding Quiz Questions

Follow the first 3 requirements above before proceeding the instructions below

Adding Questions to the Quiz for the First Time

Once you have created a quiz by configuring the quiz settings and adding it to your course page. 

You will see this page, where it says no questions have been added yet. Click " Edit quiz " button to proceed inserting quiz questions.

Adding Questions to the Quiz by editing an existing Quiz Module that is already generated.

  • To begin editing the quiz and adding questions, make sure editing is turned on.  Then, click on the quiz title (NOT the edit button) to open the quiz introduction page.

  • Then, on the quiz introduction page, click the "Edit Quiz" button either in the content or in the Administration Box

  • Click the "Add question..." button to begin a new question.

  • Select the type of question you wish to add. In the samples below, it chooses "Essay" type of question,  after choosing  click "Add

  • For detailed information about each question type, return to the main Moodle page and look for the corresponding tutorial(s) under "Adding Quiz Activities to Moodle."

This will show a page "Adding an Essay Question" If you selected it will show a page "Adding a Numeric Question". the sample image below is only showing the Adding an Essay Question.

  • Note that every type of quiz they have their own unique fields to encode, however they have common required fields. 
  • Question Name <- (e.g.  Question 1,  Question 2,  / Question A.  Question B., IV )
  • Question Text <- ( Type your question here )
  • Default Mark <- 1 is Default mark

Repeat same procedure if you wish to add more questions.

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