Topic outline

  • Sample Quizzes

    This page will show different types of quizzes of e-Learning. It is intended only for demonstration/simulation purposes for Course Teacher/Coordinators.

    Before taking any quizzes on any topics, you need to contact ETC,, ask for enrollment so that you can try the quizzes.

  • Sample Numeric type based Quiz

    Try open and answer this sample numeric type questions. Total of 10 questions that requires only numeric answers. 2 trials, each questions has its own set preferences.

  • Sample Essay Quiz

    This quiz allows the students to answer in few sentences or paragraph.  Course teacher/coordinator can write feedback on each answer and rate manually. the rate will be part of the calculation in the grades

  • Sample Calculation Quiz with wildcards

    All the numbers here are randomly generated through wildcards.
  • Mid-Term - Quiz

    This page is for Teacher to encode the Results of MidTerm Marks of Student/s. It is recommended only to use an Essay Type Quiz with settings no need to respond from the students, no attachments required. The Teacher/Grader will be the only person to input the grades manually override the grades. This method, you will be able to provide grades to students in private.